APG - Angled Pointing Grip for Picatinny Rail

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The APG is an ergonomic rubberized textured angled grip that provdies a natural grip positioning for point and shoot techniques, and has a big enough compartment for cleaning kit, spare batteries or other necessities.


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  • Achieve a consistent form by using this grip as a point of reference on your firearm.
  • Includes rubberized texture for better stability and improved comfort.
  • Provides enhanced control in rapid fire situations and a natural position for your hand to take aim with.
  • Locks firmly with a screw into all 1913 MIL-STD picatinny rails. It will not wobble, no matter what situation you put it through.
  • Has an additional compartment for cleaning kit, spare batteries or other necessities.
  • Available in black, olive drab green and desert tan.
  • Made from Israeli Aerospace grade Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP).


  • Weight: 60.00gr (0.13lb).
  • Width: 39.00mm (1.53in).
  • Height: 125.00mm (4.92in).
  • Length: 66.00mm (2.6in).


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Black, Desert Tan, OD Green

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