Cestus - Ballistic Rated Grey Range Glasses - Over the Glasses Design w/ High FOV

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The Cestus are an OTG designed glasses with grey polarized lenses, a UV protection of 400 and high FOV. They meets CE, FDA and Z87.10 Standard.


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Made from ballistically rated materials the KIRO Cestus are light and protective glasses with very high quality polarized lenses.

The Cestus are made to be used with standard glasses behind them for maximum clarity to people who need it, without compromising comfort. These glasses can be used as stand alone as well.

Package Content:

  • Cestus.
  • Cleaning cloth.
  • Soft Case.


  • Over the glasses design: made to be used with standard glasses behind.
  • Large FOV (Field of View) with it's side lenses.
  • Grey color polarized lenses, dimming bright sunlight which makes it ideal for shooting outside.
  • 400 UV Protection.
  • Meets CE, FDA and Z87.10 Standard.


Frame: the frame is made of polycarbonate (PC), a durable light and UV-resistant material.

Lens material: the lenses are made of high-quality (PC) polarized lenses to increase contrast and provide superior glare protection. This is known for its excellent optical properties, impact resistance, and great optical clarity.

Dimensions and Size:

  • Size: 133x165mm (5.23x6.5in).
  • Nose Width: 15mm (0.59in).
  • Length: 150mm (5.9in).
  • Width: 70mm / 165mm (2.75in / 6.5in). (Open / Closed).
  • Height: 55mm (2.16in).
  • Weight: 36g (0.8lb).

Three steps to properly maintaining your tactical eyewear:

Step 1: Blow off any loose dirt or debris from your lenses.

Step 2: Rinse your lenses with cool water or directly spray the cleaning solution onto the lenses.

Step 3: Use soft microfiber cloth provided in this kit and wipe clean. Let the lenses air dry before re-wearing them. 

Note: If you’re not immediately putting the protective eyewear on, store it in a secure spot like the pouch. Never put unprotected eyewear in your pocket.


Our "Unlimited Lifetime Warranty" covers your purchase worldwide through the distributor, dealer, or online purchase.

For more information visit our warranty page: https://kiro-inc.com/warranty/

Additional information

Weight 0.036 kg
Dimensions 24.5 × 13.5 × 11.5 cm




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