EBG15 - Ergonomic Battle Grip for AR15 w/ One Finger Groove & Sealed Compartment

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The EBG15 is a strong polymer composite with one finder groove and an anti slippage texture. It features a highly water resistant storage compartment and is made to improve trigger operation, reduces wrist fatigue and develops smooth rifle control. This is the perfect grip upgrade for standard AR platform rifles if you prefer non rubberized grips.


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  • Made to aid achiving a better, tighter grip with the rifle which will improve your accuracy.
  • Improves trigger operation, rapid fire control, recoil mitigation and overall rifle control.
  • Highly water resistant storage compartment for your convenience.
  • Includes one finger groove for better stability and improved comfort.
  • Reduces wrist fatigue that causes reduced performance while shooting.
  • Made from Israeli Aerospace grade Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP).


  • Weight: 85.00gr (0.18lb).
  • Width: 31.50mm (1.24in).
  • Height: 111.00mm (4.37in).
  • Length: 80.00mm (3.15in).


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Black, Desert Tan, OD Green

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