KTT - 5-Position Telescoping Tube for EBG500, EBG870, EBG12

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The KTT is a 5 position tube that is made specifically for our EBG500, EBG870, EBG12 for Saiga, Mossberg, MAVERICK and Remington. It can also be used with our left / right folding adapter (KFA) to not only get an AR15 collapsible Buttstock, but a folding one as well.


$ 35.00



  • Allows adding an AR15 style stock to your EBG500, EBG870, EBG12.
  • The KTT includes 5 positions for collapsible buttstocks. Allows you to adjust the length to your preferences.
  • Improves your shotgun precision and accuracy immensely.
  • Can be used in conjunction with KFA - KIRO Folding Adapter.
  • Lighter and superior in durability than aluminum.
  • Made from Israeli Aerospace Grade Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP).


  • EBG12 - Ergonomic Battle Grip with Storage Compartment for Saiga 12.
  • EBG500 - Ergonomic Battle Grip with Sealed Compartment for Mossberg 500/590, MAVERICK 88.
  • EBG870 - Ergonomic Battle Grip with Sealed Compartment for Remington 870.
  • KFA - KIRO Left / Right Folding Adapter.
  • Any AR15 stock. see our buttstocks.


  • Weight: 121.00gr (0.26lb).
  • Width: 29.70mm (1.17in).
  • Height: 38.20mm (1.5in).
  • Length: 189.50mm (7.46in).


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Black, Desert Tan, OD Green



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